Monday, December 26, 2011

Personality Is Expressed Through Letters To Santa

I know it's already the day after Christmas, but I was busy having fun with my family and spending time with the wee ones, so I have a few posts about Christmas that will be coming up... after Christmas. Somehow, 10pm after a full day of entertaining and being entertained isn't an appealing blog writing time. Besides, I had present to wrap and a house to clean.

On Christmas Eve, the wee ones deposited letters to Santa beside the cookies and milk (and carrots) that we left for him. I had no idea they'd written letters, as it was something they'd apparently took upon themselves to do. Once they went to bed, I scooted back downstairs to read them and promptly started cracking up. They are so my children.

Little Miss wrote her very first letter, very formal and asking for several things that I didn't know she'd wanted. Fortunately, she was very happy with what she did receive. The Angry Birds stuffed animals have been well used already - with the pigs kidnapping Woody and the birds sailing down the stairs with their signature cry trying to knock the pigs away and then saving poor Woody. She's got an imagination.

For those of you who don't read six-year-old:
Dear Mr. St. Nicholas
I would like all of the Puffles in Club Penguin, including the gold Puffle and silver and a bronze and rainbow. I would like some Club Penguins and a Woody that you could pull the pull string and everybody in Toy Story and please give me all those stuff.

Fortunately, Woody was waiting for her Christmas morning from Santa, as was an Xbox Toy Story 3 game. Amazingly, I'd had the foresight to buy her a bunch of Toy Story 3 figures months ago, and those were wrapped under the tree. I haven't heard a word - yet - about there being no Puffles under the tree, but I'm still waiting!

Mister Man took a slightly different and more utilitarian tack:

His translation:
I set things up in fractions by four in Harry Potter and Star Wars (And yes, he did put the trademark marks by both Harry Potter and Star Wars.) It cracks me up that he does that every time he writes either of them. What does he mean by setting things up in fractions?

He was careful not to be too greedy and to only mark the items that he truly wanted because some items are more desirable than others. Note that some are 0/4 (stars?) while some are 2/4 and others 4/4. Apparently some items are more desirable than others.

That said, I am happy that the wee ones aren't focused purely on gifts at Christmas. Mister Man proudly announced to the entire church during the Christmas Eve service that the best thing about Christmas was Jesus being born. Ironically, the priest was aiming for gifts so he could talk about how we all need to say thank you for all the gifts we receive in life. They both told me that they would be happy with any gifts they got, even if they didn't get the ones they'd asked Santa for because they knew that people were thinking about them - and that the size of their gift piles Christmas morning doesn't mean that they're loved because you can't buy love.

Then again, maybe they're just snowing me, knowing what I'm hoping they'll say. Either way, we had a very merry Christmas, and I hope your day yesterday was happy and peaceful, regardless of what you were doing.

So what was your favorite Santa letter?


Meghan @JaMonkey December 26, 2011 at 9:33 PM  

This is hilarious, I can't wait till mine are old enough. TOO FUNNY!

Sandra December 26, 2011 at 11:45 PM  

That is so creative of Mr. Man with his rating system! And what a cute letter from Little Miss. Just adorable! You are scrapbooking these, right?

Jen U December 27, 2011 at 6:52 PM  

Haven't read your blog in forever, but oh my gosh. Soooo your children.

I always wrote the TM sign, too. Are you sure he's not my son? Does he write the circled C for copyright on his artwork and writing yet?

Pat December 28, 2011 at 4:23 PM  

Your children are absolutely delightful. I, too, hope you save those Christmas letters! I love that Mister Man announced that the best thing about Christmas was Jesus being born. Amen!

Michelle January 13, 2012 at 4:21 PM  

Meghan - You say that now, but just wait until you're trying to take those photos. It's ... fun.

Sandra - Isn't it? One thing you can never accuse him of is being boring. Annnnd no. I don't scrapbook well.

Jen - Sheesh, what are you busy with a new baby or something? ;) And he MAY be your son. He doesn't do the c yet, but he doesn't really know about it, I don't think.

Pat - Thank you! I am definitely saving them, although I can't put them in the memory boxes yet. They go through them periodically, and Santa took them after all!

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