Thursday, December 1, 2011

An Empty Toilet Paper Roll Is A Dangerous Thing

I have a post I've been wanting to write for awhile now. I've been mentally composing it and editing it, but I'm afraid to actually write it down for fear that I'll jinx myself. Silly me, I had planned to post it this week. But no, I have something much better to post about, lucky me. Because right now I'm doing midnight laundry. Again. Yes, it's the second time this week.

Why am I doing laundry this late (ok so it isn't really midnight, but it sure feels like it)? Trust me, it isn't from some misplaced compulsion to maintain a completely empty laundry basket. I haven't seen a fully empty laundry basket in a long time. And I already did laundry once today, so it's silly to do it again, right? Not so much, unfortunately. Laundry at this hour means I have to do laundry.

I was upstairs with Mister Man helping him find something after bedtime and we walked out of my bedroom where I saw the wee ones' bathroom door was closed and the light was on. I didn't think I'd left it like that a minute earlier, so I turned the knob and jokingly asked, "Who's in there now?"

That's when I saw Little Miss sitting on the floor with her pajamas in a pile in front of her. She wasn't fully awake, but she was working on it. As I stepped forward to see what the problem was, I felt something wet under my foot. My brain finally caught up to the rest of me, and I groaned. At least she'd made it into the bathroom and the tile floor, but the rug and her pjs (and socks she was wearing under her footie pjs for some reason) were soaked. I helped her into the shower and sighed.

Once she was back in bed, I picked up her dirty clothes and the now dirty bath towel and stuck them in the laundry. I shrugged and added the rest of the dirty laundry to fill the load before going back into her room to question her a little more. Slowly, slowly the story came out, as her personality is loathe to admit to anything she thinks might be doing something wrong, even when it isn't anything that's wrong or anything that's her fault.

There was a reason she had her accident in front of the door rather than anywhere else. She'd walked into the bathroom and seen that the toilet paper roll was empty. Her six year old assumption was that you can't go to the bathroom if there's no toilet paper. She knew where we keep the extra toilet paper, so she walked to that cabinet in front of the door and opened it. When she couldn't find any in there (the new giant pack was in the garage), she gave up.

Oh my poor peanut.

So let that be a warning to you. Always, always change the toilet paper. And yes, I'm talking to you. Trust me, you don't want to walk into what I did tonight. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some laundry to go change.


Not a Perfect Mom December 1, 2011 at 9:41 PM  

I should read this out loud to every member of my family...because I am the only one who changes the roll...makes me nuts

Jenn M December 2, 2011 at 10:44 AM  

That sucks!

My youngest was a lazy potty trainer. She just would drip dry. Heck still does. Drives me nuts.

Kids are interesting and what they pick up on, what they believe etc.

Laundry at any hour is gross, but late at night really is unpleasant.. (at least it wasn't chunks of throw up.. small miracles)

Sandra December 2, 2011 at 11:54 AM  

A never-ending task, that Laundry! I'm always behind on either washing clothes or folding them. Sigh. Bless her heart, Little Miss...

Now I'm looking forward to that post you've been composing in your head!

Pat December 3, 2011 at 10:02 PM  

Oh, poor Little Miss...she was trying so hard to do the right thing. I assume she knows now that if she really has to "go" she should just "go" and worry about the tp later.

Tami December 4, 2011 at 7:55 AM  

How cute that she tried to find the toilet paper. It's more than my teenage boys would do! ;-)

This morning I woke to a pile of toilet paper on the bathroom floor. Apparently our new kitten decided to "play" in the middle of the night.

Tara R. December 4, 2011 at 11:42 AM  

My hubs and I an ongoing passive/aggressive battle over who changes the roll when it's empty... and what's considered empty. I may have to rethink my battle plans.

Heather E December 6, 2011 at 10:55 AM  

Oh that poor little one- this made me laugh for how LITERAL kids can be sometimes! hahahah!

Michelle December 6, 2011 at 11:47 AM  

Holly - Ironically, Mister Man is generally really good about changing the roll. And apparently Little Miss is, too. She knew right where to go. Unfortunately, my husband's genes of not letting me know when we're running low on items came through again!

Jenn - That's exactly why she's been potty trained for about 4 years and still didn't stay dry at night because she was too lazy. And admitted it!

Sandra - Always always. And that reminds me that I have a load of wet laundry in the washer. Oops.

Pat - She absolutely was. And yes, we told her multiple times to just go and let us know if she needs help. Knock on wood, so far so good!

Tami - It's more than the boys in my house would do, too, I think. I've heard of cats playing like that, but ours never did. I'm *sort* of sad about that but not really.

Tara - That what's considered empty is a battle we fight at our house, too. The new rule is that if it's just a few squares left, you have to at least put the new roll OUT even if you don't change it.

Heather - They are so literal so often. I talked to Mister Man about facing the music in school the other day and he was so confused... because he didn't have music that day.

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