Thursday, April 3, 2008

Someone Doesn't Like Me!

Someone just had it in for me today. Fortunately, they thought this morning’s yuck was enough, so the rest of the day wasn’t so bad. That or it was just someone else’s turn to have things go wrong.

First of all, I was exhausted this morning because someone didn’t put the cats in the basement last night, so they were meowing outside the kids’ rooms most of the night. I love my buddies, but until the kids are mature enough to sleep with cats, they unfortunately have to go into the basement at night. Bums me out, but … I’ve learned.

I suppose technically I could have gotten up and put them in the basement when I realized they were mewling for attention. But once I get out of bed, I’m up for hours. I have a better chance at falling back asleep – 15% vs 0% – if I don’t get out of bed. So I suffered through it.

Until Mister Man came climbing on top of me to complain that there was a kitty in his room that was irritating him – his words, not mine. I told him to walk into the bathroom, then run really fast back to his room and close the door since the cats looooove to follow him into the bathroom. Unfortunately, only one cat was gullible enough for fall for that. Roar stayed in his room.

Ten minutes later, we again had Mister Man climbing on top of me to convince me I needed to get Roar out. At that point, Roar jumped into the bed, too, so I rolled over and told him to go back to bed. Except Meow had then gotten into the room. Once he’s in, he knows he shouldn’t be there and scoots under the bed, only making ventures out when he’s sure it’s safe.

I finally gave up and got out of bed. I looked for the spray bottle on the stairs where I’d left it. Nope. Next, I peeked in the kids’ bathroom. Nope. I tried our bathroom – you know, where it actually belongs. Nope. I finally asked hubby where it was. On Mister Man’s nightstand, of course. *sigh*

Needless to say, I got the cat out of the room, but then the clock watching started for me. I debated turning on the tv or the light to read (if you saw my nightstand, you’d understand the need to read). I decided against it and decided to just try to sleep. Deep breaths. Counting backwards from 200. Drinking some of my water. Nothing. No idea when I finally fell back asleep, but I know I did because the alarm freaked me out when it went off.

Oddly, Mister Man did not want to wake up when I went to go get him. Poor guy was exhausted, too, but he doesn’t have the Mommy Fortitude that I do. Turned his light on to start the process of waking him up and checked on Little Miss. She had a poopy diaper needless to say, which I knew simply by opening her door. Although she did tell me three times, she really didn’t have to.

Once I got her changed, my hands washed, her dressed, and her hair done, Mister Man was still not awake. I had to do the dressing for him, which of course meant that we were now running late – and my snoozing the alarm twice had nothing to do with it, I swear!

Good news is that both kids ate breakfast fairly quickly, so we could start getting shoes on before Miss Deana got there to pick up Mister Man. Except Little Miss required another trip upstairs for a diaper change. Fortunately Miss Deana was running late this morning, so we actually had time to go inspect the daffodils and tulips that were coming up.

Just as I was opening the garage door to start putting Little Miss inside to shave some time because Miss Deana was running too late, she pulled up. Mister Man got on the bus, Little Miss got into the car – without a fuss – and away we went. I was looking at the clock and thinking that things were actually going well. Until I realized that I’d forgotten Little Miss’s backpack at home. I went back to get it, and we were on the road again!

I hit every red light on the way to her school, somehow. It’s a ten minute drive, generally, but I have 5 stoplights. And not only did I hit lights, but two of them required me sitting through more than one signal.

We also cross the railroad tracks twice. Because we had to go back for the backpack, all the school buses were headed back to their yard, which is right near her school. So three school buses ahead of me turned, stopped at the tracks to open their doors, then went forward. By the time we turned onto the next street, I had six buses ahead of me that all had to go across the tracks.

Of course, as I turned onto that street, I noticed that traffic was really backing up. Then I looked ahead and saw a freight train going across the tracks. Now, were I using my head, I’d say that I had just crossed tracks two to three minutes prior and there were no gates or sign of a train. Knowing that the trains that go through are typically very long, I should have turned around and gone the “sneaky” way. None of that dawned on me until much later, however. I’ve never had a freight train go by on my way to preschool, so that really threw me. (And I'm now really against the company buying the tracks and putting 25-40 trains through a day vs the 5 we have now!)

Seven minutes later (and yes, preschool had started by then), the caboose went by, and the traffic slowly started to move. Until the six buses had to stop to go across the tracks. And the light turned red. I kept looking at the clock and hoping that I’d at least be there before they locked the doors for the morning.

When I got to the preschool, I assumed that I’d at least find an easy parking spot (see previous post), but that was not to be. Apparently, this was Parents-Hang-Out-After-Dropping-Off-Your-Kids Day today and no one informed me. But we found a spot on the street, and we got there before they locked the doors, although she was the last one into class today.

I was fairly irritated by that point, and only part of it was due to sleep deprivation, I think. I hate being late, and it’s one of the things where:
a) had I remembered the backpack
b) had I put Little Miss into the car earlier
c) had I not hit so many red lights
d) had someone not decided they hated me today,
then I would not have been stuck by the freight train, and we would have been totally on time!

But! I found a silver lining. I didn’t get pulled over by a cop (the fact that I wasn’t exactly speeding probably improved my odds, but still – that would have been the icing on the cake!).


Jeff April 4, 2008 at 4:13 PM  

Yum, that granola sounds delicious!

Looks like you have quite the little chef on your hands. That's great that you're not afraid to let her make a mess and you let her help. I think that routine deserves a picture next time. :-)

Michelle April 4, 2008 at 6:37 PM  

It is yummy... and so much healthier than what you can buy in the store (hey, a new late night snack for you!).

Both kids actually help. I'm not adventurous enough to let Mister Man *actually* crack the eggs yet, although I do let him "help" me do it. I figure the kitchen has no carpet, so there's nothing a Clorox wipe can't fix....

And pictures. Duhhhh. I'm SO bad with my camera. I have yet to sort any pictures since 2000. And no pictures are printed since late 2003. I'm a bad mom. A really bad mom. Ok, that and I need a new camera. Mine's the Cannon supershot S30. They're now up to the 1100 or something!

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