Thursday, April 24, 2008


This morning didn’t start out so great. I sat down to work and couldn’t find my SecureID. What is a SecureID, and why is that important? In order to log onto my work’s network and actually do any work, I use the SecureID to create a password that changes every 2 minutes or so. Without this, I’m sort of sunk.

It looks sorta like this:

I knew I had it yesterday, since I worked at home yesterday, too. Little Miss being the clean freak she is – really, I have no idea where she gets it from – sometimes sees it on the end table and puts it away where it belongs. Nope, not there.

For anyone who remembers my Monday a week and a half ago, this was not looking good. Well, I knew I’d been working on the couch (I prefer working in the family room, and it works – no pun intended – well for me), so just like that Monday, I started out by lifting up the couch cushion where I’d been sitting.

And found this:

Wait! I found this?

Yay! I swear I pulled out, not just lifted up, every cushion on both couches twice when I was looking for them the first time. They quite simply weren't there. I even felt around and put my hands in the seams, and they weren't there. My husband looked for them there. The keys were not there. But they are now, and I'm going with it!

Hmmm… And I also found my SecureID card. Phew!

I finally got my work in, and once my husband got home, I went shopping.

I came home with this box. Any guesses what’s inside?

It’s my new running shoes!

My Monday yoga instructor referring me to Running Unlimited where they watch you walk, find shoes that specifically address whatever your inclination is. Then you get to run up and down a nice (private) hallway to try them out.

I felt like Goldilocks. This pair was too squishy. That pair wiggled in my heels. The purple pair was too wide (really a bummer since my favorite color is purple). The issues went on and on. Considering that I haven’t bought running shoes on purpose ever, it was pretty cool to see all the advances they’ve made since I bought my last pair of shoes because they were cute. Eight years ago.

After an hour and a half, I finally found a pair that was a strong maybe. Then I tried on one last pair. Also a strong maybe. I spent the next fifteen minutes wearing one of each shoe trying to figure out which one felt better. I finally made a choice, and – amazing for me – the one I chose was on clearance! Less than half the cost of the one I passed up. Yay, me! The only thing that made me feel better was the knowledge (courtesy my yoga instructor -- yes, she's freakily fit and flexible; I've learned to accept that) that people spend hours in there trying on every shoe in the store. I didn’t quite break the two hour mark, so totally acceptable, right?

Tomorrow? Two eight minute runs. Sunday? A twenty minute run. I’m going to pretend like my new shoes will make this palatable.


Karen April 25, 2008 at 6:19 AM  

Thank goodness you found them! I'm still looking for things that I lost over a year ago.

I couldn't find anywhere to reply besides here, sorry. I grew up showing both western and english. I never had a jumper (she sent me over more fences than she took herself). My kids are starting easy with driving and western pleasure. They're not nearly as "horsey" as I was.

Irene April 25, 2008 at 12:25 PM  

Cool shoes!!! I would love to have that analysis done!

Michelle April 26, 2008 at 8:22 PM  

Karen -- trust me, there are things I lost a year ago that I'm still looking for, but thank GOD I found my keys finally. I was so paranoid that something would happen to my spare set and I'd be totally out of luck out somewhere with the kids and well, you get my drift!

Very cool with the horse stuff. I was a hunter primarily, with some jumper thrown in for fun. I really miss it, as I haven't ridden seriously since I was 5 months pregnant with Little Miss. Someday. And in a way -- be grateful that your kids aren't way horsey. My mom used to tell me "It isn't less expensive than drugs, but it sure is better for you!" about every other day.

Irene -- apparently the gait analysis is not at all unusual if you go to a running shoe store vs my usual DSW. I'd obviously never been, but it was quite informative, and I love my shoes. My 2 eight minute runs yesterday were so much easier than I expected! Google running shoe store and your town, and I'm sure a bunch will pop up. I actually had to guess which one of the two in Palatine my yoga instructor was referring to because I'd assumed there would only be one and hadn't remembered the name!

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