Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pot, Meet Kettle

This weekend, we went to an apple orchard with friends of ours. As people do when picking apples, we carefully found the very best apples and enjoyed a few right there in the orchard. (ah-HA! It finally dawned on me why it's more expensive to pick your own apples instead of buying the prepicked apples.) Halfway through the first apple, Little Miss excitedly announced that she had a loose tooth. She'd bitten into a seed and finally jarred her tooth loose enough to notice.

She excitedly ran around to all of us, showing us her tooth and how it wiggled. One of our friends was nearly as excited as she was. "Little Miss, Little Miss, can I wiggle your loose tooth?" he asked engagingly.

Little Miss quickly agreed, and really... with everything that she's been putting in her mouth already at the orchard, another finger isn't the worst thing. It's all about strengthening her immune system, right?

As he started to reach into her mouth, he paused and looked at her very seriously. "Little Miss," he lectured, "I sure hope you don't have any germs in your mouth."


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