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PIF Redux!

Soooo. I'm a bad person. For a couple reasons. Actually probably for lots of reasos, but we'll only get into two of them today.

Remember the Pay It Forward thing that Swistle started back in June? Yeah, me, too. Shelly won my prize for the contest I had in early August. She was moving to a new place and mail delivery was a bit sketchy at the place she was living in before moving, so we decided I'd hold onto it until she moved August 21. It would be like a housewarming present for her!

I mailed it yesterday. That's 33 days after I was supposed to, for those of me who are counting. And I did it only because she oh so politely asked if it had gotten lost in the mail. No, it got lost on the kid table and just sort of faded into the background. I saw it but didn't see it anymore. But it's finally in the mail (sorry, Shelly!).

And about a week ago, I received a prize that I had won from Joanne at Bebellyboo. I did take the appropriate photos but I forgot to upload them. Until she emailed me asking if I'd received my prize. Umm, yeah. Can I blame it on an unusually bad work month and back to school and in general being a moron? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Anyway, I did receive this beautiful package (see my lovely offwhite suede couch in the background? Ha! What was I thinking?)

She was so sweet. She even wrote me a little note. And do you see how nicely she packed it? Bubble wrap! That's Little Miss' favorite toy. All afternoon, I heard pop pop pop pop pop as she walked around with it.

Inside was a lovely treat for me. See all the super yummy smelling lotions and bath gels? I haven't used them yet because I have to do my appropriate thank you prior to partaking. Kind of like how I don't let the wee ones play with birthday presents until the thank you note is written. Guess what I'm doing after choir practice tonight (oh yeah, did I mention that I joined the church choir last week?).

And there are cool activities for the wee ones, too. I've never done origami before, but I've always been fascinated by it. I love that there are rules and order to it -- big shock -- but that it's also so creative! We're way into animals around here, so I'll be breaking this out tomorrow after work. Here's hoping I succeed at it!

I love this prize. It's completely unique yet totally (I've used that word a lot today, haven't I?) up my alley. Yay, Bellyboo!

So do you all remember what this means? It's another contest where you have the chance to win. The final prize has yet to be determined, but I think I've done pretty good here and here. I can almost guarantee the prize will involve books that are preread as I'm trying to get more bookshelf space for the wee ones but we have no more room to put bookshelves in the house. Only one solution, right? And I have a really cool Dora cup that I'll toss in. Beyond that, I have to do some thinking, but I promise it will be a good one.

So what do you have to do to win this fabulous array of prizes?

1) Comment below by next Tuesday September 30 at 12pm CST.

2) In your comment, give me your best suggestions for how to enjoy Disney in a day or what reservations I should try to get for umm less than a month from now. Or just perk me up and tell me that I didn't totallly (there it is again!) screw myself over by not making reservations before now.

3) One entry per person. If there are multiple comments from the same person, I'll only count the first one. If I comment on your comments, that doesn't count, and I skip over that entry.

4) I will use to choose a number. Whoever has that comment gets the prize. I'll send an email and post the winner. If I don't hear back from the winner by Thursday, I will select a new winner.

5) If you win, you are obligated to hold a PIF contest yourself. Thus, the pay it forward portion! Because this involves holding a contest after winning, to win you must have a blog. And be in the US. Shipping gets expensive even here.

Good luck! Oh, and remind me to tell you about the Sandwich Bandit. I'm a bit creeped out.


Anonymous September 24, 2008 at 2:38 PM  

No need to be sorry! I'm just glad the PO didn't lose the package in our move.

Gina September 24, 2008 at 2:47 PM  

Disney in a day is tough! I feel like I haven't had enough time after 9 days (and yay, I'm going in 10 days!).

With little ones, I would go to the Magic Kingdom, since it's the most Disney-ish and magical. If you will be there on a Halloween party night and can get tix, it's worth it - lots of fun.

Of course, the Epcot Food and Wine festival is going on in Oct, and while it's not so fun for the kids, it's awesome for the adults.

As for reservations - it can be hard on short notice, but this is not the busiest time of the year. character meals are fun for the kids - if you want that, call the dining line and ask what if any they have available when you are there. otherwise, there are a lot of fun places to eat in all the parks - if you're flexible with times and places, you'll get something.

Melisa September 24, 2008 at 2:51 PM  

God, I love Disney. I would say that (although you don't need a reservation for this...) you absolutely have to see "Fantasmic" at MGM Studios. LOVED IT. The kids will be totally fascinated, and so will you.

Also, I'm not sure if this is something you can request by letting them know that you know about it (???!!!LOL), but when I took the boys a bunch of years back, I had made the earliest possible reservation for a Character Breakfast at the Animal Kingdom. When we arrived at the gate--that was still locked because our reservation was for some outrageous time like 8 a.m.--to be let into the "little gate" for breakfast (and no doubt because my kids are so adorable), one of the cast members personally escorted us to breakfast and gave us a private tour of the Animal Kingdom before it opened. Then we got a certificate that proclaimed that a "Disney Magical Moment". It was really cool. (*a note though, about character breakfasts: they are WAAAAAY overpriced. If your kids aren't fanatics for one character or another, skip the actual character breakfasts, eat at a different restaurant altogether, and find yourselves some of the free character meet-and-greets scattered through the parks.)

Another tip: you can always ask the monorail driver if you and the fam can sit with him/her up front. If another family is faster than you, ask if you can wait for the next one. It's TOTALLY worth it.

AND another tip (sorry if you know this already): Disney has a thing where, let's say your younger one doesn't want to go on a certain ride but both adults do (and the older one does, too). One adult can stay with the younger one near the ride EXIT while the other adult takes the older kid. When they get back, the adult who stayed behind can go BACK with the older kid and avoid standing in line again. At least they used to do that. Check with the parks when you get there.

And I'm spent!!! ;) (Love Disney!)

Just Call Me Sleep Deprived September 24, 2008 at 9:05 PM  

just stopping by & visiting your blog, very cool! Looking forward to reading your blog more closely and getting to know ya :)


Swishy September 24, 2008 at 9:32 PM  

You did not totally screw yourself over. How's that? :)

Fun stuff! And I LOVE your "no playing with the toy until the thank you note is written" rule. Good for you!

Angela September 24, 2008 at 9:36 PM  

First, I owe you some major comment love from your last three or four posts (I'm sooooo far behind on reader it's truly unfunny). I will catch up soon, promise!

The bath gels look wonderful!

And okay, Disney in a day...well, I am a HUGE Disney fan; Angie can tell you. However, I do not have kids so my suggestions may not be best for you guys. So I will just leave you with my favorite suggestions for a day at Disney.

(1) Upon arriving at the park, have about three Mickey Mouse Chocolate-Eared Ice Cream Bars. (This is breakfast.)

(2) Now that you are high as a kite on sugar, runrunrunrunrun to Space Mountain. Ride sixteen times, or until you have to pee, whichever comes first.

(3) Take a break from Space Mountain and go ride Peter Pan and It's a Small Small World, just to let your eyeballs regain their normal position. While you're at it, ride anything else you feel necessary, because the rest of the afternoon we'll rejoin Space Mountain.

(4) Eat a huge plate of fries for lunch. It's DISNEY. You're allowed a day of nothing but fries and ice cream. And besides, it's the Magic Kingdom. There are no calories there!

(5) Ride Space Mountain some more. Until they throw you off, actually. Little known secret: if you ride past dinnertime, the crowd thins and they'll just let you keep riding without even making you get off in between rounds...ask me how I know this.

(6) Retreat to Epcot and walk around sampling all the international food offerings. If you have time, eat dinner at the aquarium restaurant (think this is called "Under the Sea.") Or the French place; both are good.

(7) Wind up your day watching the fireworks and laser show at Epcot. Have husband carry you to car. Remind husband that he will have to drive, as you are 8 years old for the day. And besides, you're tired.

(8) Repeat as necessary! Hope you enjoyed your tour!

Cookie September 25, 2008 at 12:19 AM  

What a great package! Bubble wrap is a lot better than those foam peanuts that the kids love to play with :S

Michelle September 25, 2008 at 10:10 PM  

Ok all of you have great suggestions! Thank you! Doing the one day is going to be hard to fit it all in, but ... fun times in general right? :)

Shelly - Nope, it wasn't the PO; it was me! Sorry! It should be there any day now.

Gina - Wow, 9 days! That seems like a whole lot ... but in a good way. I think Magic Kingdom is definitely in. I'd love to do the Haunted Party but we have early bedtimes so that's out. Someday.

Melisa - Oooo, I like the idea about the earliest breakfast and getting in early. I may have to look into that. Do you know what restaurant you ate at there?

Meaghan - Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay.

Swishy - Thanks. I appreciate the sentiment :)

Angela - You're allowed. I love your suggestions, and I could TOTALLY do Disney with you. Space Mountain is my absolute absolute favorite. I don't think I've ever been on Peter Pan though. What's that one?

Cookie - Yep.. gotta love the bubble wrap. I'm cheap though (and Little Miss won't let me give away her bubble wrap) so I stick with newspaper in general. :)

Irene September 27, 2008 at 10:11 PM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
CAQuincy September 28, 2008 at 9:07 AM  

Sorry. I know nothing about Disney. Only that it's not so crowded if you go off season--so maybe you'll luck out? We are thinking of doing it in about two years.

Michelle September 28, 2008 at 1:04 PM  

Irene - Oooo I feel for you on the lack of thank yous. It's a huge pet peeve of mine. And I still can't decide whether the prefilled out thatnk yous where you just havce to write the name of the person and the gift and sign your name are worse than nothing or if I should be happy with just that.

CAQuincy - Welcome! Good luck with your upcoming trip, although some people have me freaked out that they're planning more than 2 years in advance! Egads!

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