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Top 10: Best Things About Being Single

So my family is back.  The RV trip is over - for this year anyway, although they're already talking about a trip to the Grand Canyon next year.  While I missed them (yes, I did), I've already realized that there are some advantages to being single.  I pointed out a couple earlier this week when I talked about what I learned from being single, but I think this topic deserves a full list, don't you?

Top Ten Best Things About Being Single

10. When I put something away, it stays put away. It was so nice to be able to find things, or to walk into my house and not have random things strewn about.  Even better, when I went to go look for something, it was still where I put it days later.

9. On the flip side, I have the freedom to leave things out.  While I loved having things where they belong, if I was having a long day or just felt like being lazy, I could toss something on the kitchen table and not have to worry about putting it away until I was ready.  And those projects I was working on?  It's always the same - you have to make it worse to make it better.  I could stop in the middle of a project and leave it out to continue later, rather than having to pile it up somewhere so it would be out of the way.  Trust me, mess like this also encourages me to be productive!

8. Multiple people make geometrically more laundry.  I did four loads of laundry after my family left town.  Once I was caught up completely, I didn't have to do another load because it was just me, and I don't make that much laundry.  Let's just say that I already have a load of laundry going, and wow it's going to be a long time before I get caught up again.

This is only the darks.  One load in, and still two full baskets.

7. I get the weather only when I get the weather.  My husband is obsessed with the weather.  I remember when Hurricane Katrina struck, shortly after Little Miss was born.  The weather channel was on 24/7, and no matter what time I was awake or asleep, my husband was providing updates.  Even now, I've already been told that we are finished with the 100 degree days for now.  We are likely to have thunderstorms after noon.  The wind isn't strong enough that it should cause any damage. The humidity is at 54% right now.  You get the picture.... It sort of cracks me up, but I prefer my weather in small doses - when I want to know.

6.  Food lasts a lot longer.  When I cooked, I will admit that I forgot how to cook for one - which admittedly has its pluses and minuses.  That said, given how hot it's been, it was nice to be able to cook a meal and then eat it for leftovers for a few days.  I am one who can eat the same thing day after day with no complaints, and I did.  As much as I love to cook, it was nice to have the extra time to be more productive.

5. I can eat when and where I want.  Heat messes with my appetite.  When it's this hot, I'm just not hungry.  Or at least I'm not hungry at regular mealtimes.  When my family is around, I feel obligated to eat with them and to sit at the family table and talk to them.  While they were gone, I might eat lunch at 10:30 or I might eat it at 2pm.  And it's possible that there were a couple times I ate dinner at 11pm or midnight.  I like being able to listen to my body that way, even if my body is a little ... out of the ordinary.

4.  There's no discussion of what we're eating.  I forgot how just making breakfast is a production.  Silly me, I offer choices.  They are the same choices every day: Greek yogurt with preserves (Mister Man only), scrambled eggs (Little Miss), an omelet (Little Miss - guess who doesn't like eggs), oatmeal (both), or homemade granola (both).  They aren't a ton of options.  It's the same thing every day.  And every day, I have to go through the options, explain that no, there aren't other choices.  Discuss what sounds good that morning.  And then cook two different things.  And that's only breakfast....

3.  I can be so much more productive.  I had forgotten - or maybe I'd just never realized - how much time constraints curtail my productivity.  When I'm constantly operating under the "I only have two hours before I need to pick up the wee ones/leave for an activity/cook dinner/the bus gets home" - and more.  Having the freedom to not need to look at a watch and simply work until I was too tired to do more allowed me to get so much more done.

2.  I didn't have to fill up my gas tank.  Granted, I drove down to Naperville from my house twice (an hour drive each way).  I drove to Des Plaines one day (another hour drive).  But without the daily running here or there with the wee ones to and from activities and school and the like, it was amazing how much less gas I used.  Even once you include the errands I ran and things I did just for me, I drove many fewer miles.  I even heard my wallet say, "Thank you!"

And the best thing about being single?...

1.  Sleep.  Pure and simple, it's sleep.  There was no one snoring in my ear all night long.  No one tossing and turning on my mattress that really should have been replaced awhile ago.  No little giggles or noises of small children running up and down the stairs at 6am.  If I have trouble sleeping, it's all on me.  And not being woken up at 6am?  Now that I'm going to miss!

What are the biggest advantages to being single in your mind?


Mrs4444 July 18, 2012 at 1:31 PM  

You hit all of my best-things, too, though I would add not having to care when/if I take a shower.haha My only problem now is that we've added a puppy to our lives--I'll probably never be truly free again for a while...:)

What a treat for you--I'm happy for you.

Tara R. July 18, 2012 at 2:20 PM  

You got all my top 10 too. Sometimes it's nice to be in total control again, even if for only a few days.

The Stockwells - Jeff, Sarah, Tom and Guinness July 18, 2012 at 5:37 PM  

Men and weather. It's a disease I tell you. But, I long for a few days to myself, in my own home. Who knows when it'll happen... Just to watch crappy Jane Austen DVDs without being nagged for Cartoon Network...

Sandra July 19, 2012 at 12:30 PM  

If I ever get 10 days to myself, I'd probably enjoy 9 and 10 the most. And then number 1. That's the best! I probably won't be as good as you with your to-do list, because I'd want to do all the things I don't normally get to do, like watch TV and just veg out. =)

MoninaW July 20, 2012 at 8:11 AM  

I'm newly single (but for vastly different reasons lol) but I have experience many of the same things in your top 10. And while I sometimes feel guilty about it, I love it. You are so right - there are some advantages to it!

Rowena July 20, 2012 at 9:22 AM  

Isn't it funny how the grass is always greener on the other side?! I love the quiet evenings of watching what I want, eating what I want and going to sleep when I want!

Michelle July 20, 2012 at 6:21 PM  

Barb - Ah yes, a puppy. You'll not be free for awhile no matter what. But they're worth it, aren't they?

Tara - And you know me. I love control ;)

Sarah - This is the only benefit of the wee ones not watching tv. They don't beg for it, and I don't have to watch shows that make my eyeballs bleed. But sometimes I'd like the peace and quiet that comes from tv!

Sandra - I know. It's totally hypocritical, but those are the little things I absolutely adore.

Monina - You can't feel guilty about it when it's your life. You aren't depriving anyone or causing harm. We're people too, right?

Rowena - The grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side. Every. Single. Time. :)

Pat July 21, 2012 at 6:32 PM  

It's almost like being retired, but there's just one of you two to care for. I like the long periods of time to work on projects, the not-having-to-cook-dinner-every-day. Basically, everything you mentioned applies to me as a retired person, except there's my husband in the bed next to me, but I find that comforting, even though he snores a bit. And rather than the weather channel, he has sports or the SYFY channel on most of the time (or crime shows he has recorded). After 36 years of marriage, it would be really hard/sad for me to live alone. Jerry and I are really good friends, despite each of our flaws and quirks.

Brandie July 23, 2012 at 12:27 PM  

LOL! It is nice to get the house to yourself for a while. I've never had that long and I'm a bit jealous ;-)

Michelle July 24, 2012 at 11:57 AM  

Pat - It is almost like that. So I have something to look forward to? ;) I love that you are good friends, and I hope my husband and I will be after 36 years, too.

Brandie - It was so nice. Yesterday they went to the pool for 5 hours, and I tackled more to do list items. It was nice....

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