Monday, September 6, 2010

This Is What Happens When I'm Crabby

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Hmmm, or maybe it's what happens when I don't get enough sleep and then try to shop - at Costco no less - on the day before a major holiday.

Dear People-Stalking-The-Samples,
I'm here to shop. And I'd like to get home to finish making up a few items for parties this weekend before the store closes. While it's nice that Costco provides samples, they aren't meant to be your lunch. If the samples aren't ready - especially if it's something that is baking - please don't block the entire walkway so that no one can get by. And if someone asks you politely to move, do so.


Dear Lady-Behind-Me-Exiting-Costco,
I teach my wee ones certain rules when we're shopping. Among them, make sure you leave sufficient space between you and the person ahead of you. Needless to say, my bleeding stump of a foot and I were somewhat shocked to find that the person who rammed me with a cart while I was waiting for my receipt to be highlighted was a woman older than I was. Now, had I stopped suddenly or in the middle of an aisle, I might understand this, but... really? Please make sure you're watching where you're going when pushing a heavy cart like this.


Dear Car-Behind-Me-While-I'm-Waiting-To-Turn-Left,
I lived in Chicago for long enough. A small tap of the horn really isn't going to do anything. A longer beep, and you're just going to annoy me - provided that I'm not in the wrong. And when trying to turn left against a heavily trafficked 50 mile per hour four lane highway when I have a stop sign and the other traffic has nothing, I'm not going to just go when I have a tiny whole and hope for the best. Yes, I know it isn't a fast turn left, but such is as it is. I have no interest in risking my neck, so you can beep all you want, but it won't sway my opinion.


Dear People-Driving-On-My-Two-Lane-No-Passing-Zone-Road,
Yes, I know it's a two lane road. And yes, I realize that it has some hills. Did you notice that sign you've passed four times now? It's the white one with the black writing that read "SPEED LIMIT 50" - in pretty big letters, mind you. That "5" and "0" on the sign tells you how fast you can go on this bright sunny day. It doesn't mean that you stop when your spedometer needle is halfway between the 30 and 40. It doesn't mean you stop when it's at the 40. Driving 15 miles under the speed limit mile after mile with cars tailgating me because of the speed you're forcing us to go is really not very safe, never mind inconsiderate.


Dear Hosts-And-Hostesses,
When your guests arrive, offer them a beverage. It helps if you have more than one choice for guests who may not wish to drink a particular kind, but at least offer something. Food is also nice. When you invite people to your house, it's generally expected that you're going to provide something for them, and frequently they're thirsty when they arrive. No one likes to beg for something, and I for one always feel a little weird when I have to go digging for something to drink. Just be nice and offer us something upfront, and we'll all be in a better mood. Or so I hope.


Dear Little Miss,
When someone goes through the effort of making you something and gives it to you, learn to be gracious. I don't care if you don't like it or don't know what it is. You've been raised to appreciate what you're given, and it's really sad when you hurt someone's feelings because you aren't nice to them when they offer you something. I'm very disappointed that this lesson hasn't sunk in.

Shape up,


Tara R. September 6, 2010 at 8:41 PM  

I do love snarky little love notes like this. They can be so cathartic.

Karen September 7, 2010 at 7:39 AM  

It's so nice to know that others have these kind of days too.

I will admit, publicly, that I am the rude hostess who doesn't offer drinks. I am the worst hostess EVER, and know it. I try, really I do. Eventually I get the drinks out on the counter with the cups and ice, but I rarely have this going for me up front. Sorry.

Pat September 8, 2010 at 2:22 PM  

Amen, sister! I agree with all of these sentiments. I'm more annoyed by these things when I'm already tired, frustrated or otherwise in a bad mood.

It's so nice to be able to vent now and then!

Michelle September 12, 2010 at 9:12 PM  

Tara - Absolutely. I need my catharsis, and better here than venting at people ;) Errr you know what I mean.

Karen - Days? I have these kinds of weeks sometimes :) And no, actually one of the parties I went to last weekend, they HAD NOTHING. Not just didn't offer, but hosted a party and had nothing.

Pat - Most definitely. And sleep deprived seems to bring on all of these for me!

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