Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Good News!

My husband doesn't have a broken foot.

I know this because this morning he announced that his doctor was going to see him at 3:30 today. I was a bit confused, as my husband appeared healthy, so I questioned him on why he was going to see his doctor.

Him: About my foot.
Me: What about it?
Him: I think it might be broken.
Me: You're walking fine. What are you talking about?
Him: Well, I actually hurt it a couple months ago and thought I was broken...
Me: Oh! This is your car washing injury!
Him: Umm, yeah.

Ok, so this comes from the man who went to the urgent care clinic (which is essentially an unglorified emergency room) to have a hangnail -- that he knew was a hangnail, mind you -- removed a few years ago rather than wait to try to get in to see his doctor about it. And yes, in a fit of pregnancy hormones, it's possible that I may have blamed him and people like him for driving up the cost of health insurance for the rest of us responsible folks. Apparently, something sunk in.

So he made a doctor's appointment. He still sees the doctor he saw when he first moved up here before he ever met me, two residences ago for him. That translates into about a forty minute drive to see him. Purely because he's too lazy to find a new doctor. Personally, I could find a new doctor in way less than the hour forty it takes to drive there and back, but I digress.

Apparently the issue has been bothering him for two months. He's been playing baseball every weekend with no complaints and everything else. And after he didn't mention it the second day, I sort of assumed that it had healed and was no longer bothering him. Really, if you think you have a broken foot, how long do you wait to get it taken care of? Yeah, I didn't think anyone waited two months, and I appreciate your affirmation of that!

But no, apparently his car washing injury merely resulted in some joint issues where something in his foot pops in and out of the joint. We know this not because the doctor took and X-ray or MRI or anything else to determine this but because my husband described it to the doctor for about two or three minutes -- his words, not mine -- and the doctor made the diagnosis. And the verdict is that apparently this is something that he'll just have to get used to. I rest my case for finding a new doctor.

Oh, so you wanted details on how he injured his foot washing the car?

Yeah, me, too. I'm almost sorry I wasn't there. Really, it's not too exciting a story. He didn't trip over the hose running to save one of the wee ones who had run into the street after a ball. He didn't slip on some soap in the driveway and just barely manage to catch himself before falling with a feat of athletic prowess. He didn't have the car start rolling on him because it had been left in gear and roll over his foot.

Nope. He was waxing the car, actually, which technically isn't washing it but whatever. And he squatted down to get the silver shiny part of the tire (yeah, I'm all about the cars, can you tell?). When he did that, something popped.

Yeah, I giggled, too. In fact, I'm giggling again as I type this. My poor husband!


Angie's Spot August 12, 2008 at 8:39 PM  

What IS it with these guys?! My hubby has had an arm injury for several months now and he refuses to go to the dr for it. Now, he's let 4 friends and a couple of strangers diagnose and treat the problem, but far be it from him to consult an expert on the subject. No, apparently that's too much trouble. Gah! Hope your hubby's ailment doesn't bother him for too much longer.

Mabunny August 13, 2008 at 7:27 AM  

UGH GUYS... If you are around one such as a hubby or son all the time, you know all that can be summed up into that one word - GUYS. They make us laugh sometimes to the point of crying.
If Chris gets a Migraine he will be a bit whiney ( totally understood) and he will go to work.
But when he had a summer cold?? He went to work, but when he called me during the day I asked how he was ... meaning how was work going? was he feeling any better? his reply? I'M SICK, my day sucks!
Like ok, I KNOW he was sick, he didn't have to remind me of that ! But he had to anyway to elicit an over the phone sympathy hug or something to that nature...
Glad to hear it wasn't anything serious.

Kori August 13, 2008 at 7:51 AM  

Gotta love the guys.

Thye are ya know... soooooo tough.

Cookie August 14, 2008 at 12:43 AM  

What is it with men and doctors?!

Michelle August 14, 2008 at 8:05 AM  

Angie - Ooo, at least my husband doesn't self-treat, he just self diagnoses and DOESN'T treat. I just don't get it.

Mabunny - You're right. That does totally sum it up, doesn't it? And yep, the sick thing sounds familiar. Fortunately, schoolteachers don't get sick that often once they've built up their immunity!

Kori - I don't know that tough is quite the word I was going to use, but that probably works!

Cookie - I'm thinking there must be something in their DNA that automatically repels them, the anti-magnet if you will.

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