Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sometimes, I Don't Hate People

Sometimes you don’t know if people are listening when you’re talking or not. Generally, it doesn’t matter, but every once in awhile people really surprise you by doing something completely unexpected and nice that just makes your day.

Before preschool starts and ends, all the moms at Little Miss’ preschool line up outside the classroom and wait for the doors to be open. Not surprisingly, we generally end up chatting while waiting.

A month or so ago, the topic of potty training had come up. Given that Little Miss’ birthday isn’t until August 1, she’s the second youngest in the class (one boy friend of hers is August 26), and many have started to be or have been potty trained.

We were discussing the various tactics we’ve used and our frustrations and challenges and successes. At some point in the conversation, I mentioned that Little Miss was convinced that she was going to be able to wear Mister Man’s old underwear when she potty trained – and that she’d have Thomas underwear when she used the potty.

This seemed to be ingrained in her mind somehow that potty training equals Thomas underwear. Apparently she was listening a year plus ago when we were potty training Mister Man. Usually, I’d be fine if there was some hand-me-down item of clothing or toy or whatever that’s not completely gender appropriate that she wanted. I’m not really hung up on the “boy” vs “girl” things.

However, while I’m not expert, I’ve noticed that boy underwear is designed differently from girl underwear. In looking at the design of boy underwear, I can’t see how it would be comfortable for a girl to wear, so I have told Little Miss that she can’t wear his underwear. And just like I can find absolutely no girl Thomas clothes (anyone who can sew or is looking for a business opportunity, start making Thomas clothes for girls – I know I’m not the only frustrated mom!), there is no girl Thomas underwear out there.

The conversation was pretty much left at that. Today, I went to pick up Little Miss from preschool, and one of the moms told me that she had something for me. I wasn’t expecting anything, but I thought maybe she hadn’t paid for the yearbooks that the other room mom and I had made and was giving me the money.

Nope, this mom totally rocks. She was in a store and saw some Thomas iron on transfers and immediately thought of Little Miss and her underwear dilemma. Now, all I have to do is buy some solid color underwear and make my own Thomas underwear with the transfers! How sweet is that mom?

That, and the preschool teachers totally rock, too. I got a huge Gerber daisy planter with other grasses, etc from them today as a thank you for being (such a great) room mom this year. Any bets as to how long before I kill it -- not that I want to?

(And yes, that is my massive cat Meow wanting to know when I'm coming inside. His brother Roar apparently had given up at that point. And yes, that's my laptop on the front porch. I was entering gift card sales during Mister Man's piano lesson when I took the picture.)


Cookie May 14, 2008 at 12:10 AM  

That is so nice of her! We had a hard time finding Thomas things for a while. My kids liked Thomas before it became big in the US. It started in England, so you may have some luck finding a larger variety of Thomas items over there. At least it makes a good excuse for a field trip ;)

Steph May 14, 2008 at 12:22 PM  

What a great mom! She totally rocks!!!!

Lanza November 11, 2008 at 10:53 AM  

Thanks for writing this.

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