Friday, May 9, 2008

For Women Only....

Ok, maybe I named this a little hastily. There may be some men who are interested in this, too. After all, Sunday is Mother’s Day, and I know not everyone has completed their shopping yet. Mostly because I haven’t finished shopping for my mom yet.

I’m easy though. While in Houston, the other bridesmaid and I decided what we wanted for Mother’s Day. Apparently there’s a really cool new water spa that opened up in Burr Ridge. Check it out! I’m debating what package my kids should buy for me. Maybe the Mother’s Day Package? Of course, they need a significant raise in their non-existent allowances.

On the other hand, maybe something from ELF is more in line for them. A friend of mine sent me an email well, several days ago now, but I’m about a week behind in reading email (sorry, Paul – really, I’m not ignoring you!).

Per the email, Nordstrom is buying ELF and will be rebranding all their products to Nordstrom, so they’re clearing out everything for a dollar. My friend’s email stated that she’d ordered from them and even had a coupon for $7.50 off a $15 purchase. My kids could afford a dollar, right?

Except that I’m a skeptic when it comes to Internet anything. So I started looking up information on this acquisition. That took me to Nordstrom’s site:

Customer Alert!We have learned that some of our customers received e-mails regarding the website We want you to know that Nordstrom and are not affiliated with or the e.l.f. product line, nor with any e-mail regarding that website or product line. Nordstrom does not sell e.l.f. products. Please know that Nordstrom would not ask for your account information through e-mail communication.

Hmm. That raises a red flag, no?

In looking further, it sounds like there are mixed reviews on the company. Some people have purchased and had great success – although there seems to be a general agreement that the eye shadow and eyeliner aren’t the greatest – while others have had disastrous experiences. They are suddenly spammed, their orders arrive with product missing, the orders take forever to arrive, etc.

It goes back to the saying that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. For a dollar, there are a ton of things that I could find that would be fun for my kids to “give” me for Mother’s Day. But not at that cost. Besides, I think I have enough makeup.

Ok, next idea.

Flowers? Nahhh… the cats will eat them. (Seriously. I’ve learned this the hard way.)

Chocolates? Eh. I really only like good chocolate, and my husband isn’t too great at picking it out. Plus, it takes me forever to eat them, which irritates my husband when I haven't devoured them immediately.

Ooooo, I know! I want sushi. Lots and lots of sushi. From Mitsuwa Market. And maybe one of their pastries. And the kids should help pick them out. Which involves driving to Arlington Heights and back. Family field trip! Now to clear this with my husband.

Hello. My name is Michelle, and I'm addicted to sushi.

Can anyone tell I’m all over the map today?

What do you want for Mother’s Day this year?


Irene May 10, 2008 at 7:06 AM  

I would just love to sleep in, but that probably won't happen. Even if my family intended to let me sleep in, the sounds of all them running around will wake me anyway.

I honestly don't want them to buy me anything. I spend enough money as it is. I just enjoy all the homemade gifts from the heart.

Shelley May 10, 2008 at 8:40 AM  

I haven't yet met a makeup I'm not allergic to. Hey, I'm a sushi junkie too! Except I'm the only person in my family who loves it. Actually, I'm the only one who will even touch it! Hope you get some sushi...Me, I'd be happy for the road trip even without the sushi.

Oh, and we have been giving him yogurt from day one. It's the first purchase I make when someone starts the runs!

Domestic Spaz May 10, 2008 at 8:51 AM  

This year I want to wake up when my body tells me to, not have to cook anyone any food, not have any laundry to do or errands to run, have a few hours of time alone in my house, and have dinner somewhere nice. I think I have a shot at it, too!

Karen May 10, 2008 at 2:33 PM  

I always go for flowers. The potted kind. Usually hanging baskets. They're easy and appreciated.

Michelle May 10, 2008 at 9:01 PM  

Irene -- I wish you well in the sleeping in category. I'm with you in that I want it but doubt it will happen!

Shelley -- glad to know I'm not the only sushi junkie. Amazingly, my husband picked up sushi (from the grocery store with the sushi bar but still... sushi) for dinner tonight AND agreed to get lots of sushi from Mitsuwa tomorrow! I hope the rotavirus recovery is well on its way!

Domestic Spaz -- Wow! If you get all that done for Mother's Day, I'll be truly impressed, and I want to hear about it! I've already started my Costco list of things I have to get tomorrow. But then again, I like Costco and grocery shopping in general.

Karen -- if you're going for flowers, you must have a much better green thumb than I do! I'm still working on figuring out plants, and usually, they don't like me.

Happy Mother's Day tomorrow, all!

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