Monday, March 24, 2008

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes...

I know I need to do a better job tracking what cracks me up about my kids. Just this weekend, they put on quite a show…

Little Miss (the girl after my own heart): Look! I got MONEY!

This after taking inventory of the basket the Easter Bunny (grandma) had left her. She of course opened the egg that contained the $1 bill first. That was definitely the most excited she was over any item in the basket. And she’s 2. Gotta love it!

Mister Man: Does T-O-T-O spell toilet?

Yep, it took me awhile to figure this one out, too. I finally figured out why he thought T-O-T-O was how you spelled toilet about 5 minutes after explaining how toilet was spelled. He couldn’t explain to me why he thought it was T-O-T-O, of course. I eventually realized that we put in new toilets last year after he potty trained and we realized the original low flow toilets weren’t meant to handle the toilet paper a newly trained kid tosses in there. The new toilets? The Toto Drake. On the back of the toilet is the manufacturer name, so the kid spends how many minutes every day standing there staring at “Toto” while doing his business. Smart boy, no?

Me: Do you trust me?

Little Miss: No, I do not trust you.

Little Miss was playing in her seat and dawdling eating her food, so I said I’d eat it for her. She didn’t approve of that and decided she was going to eat it after all. I was still holding the fork with a bit of her food on it, and she preferred that I give her the fork back, so the above question was asked. Again, smart girl, no? I wouldn’t trust me either!

Mister Man: (after looking around with a worried and quite perplexed look on his face) Where’d Grandpa go? Did he die?

This is a logical question when you’ve been just eating breakfast with someone and they disappear, right? I, of course, was horrified, as he asked this question to my MIL with me the only other adult nearby. Grandpa, in fact, had gone back to take a nap after breakfast (really, don’t ask about their eating or sleeping habits… it’s a little depressing) and was just fine. He isn’t fascinated by death, so this was quite the unusual question, but fortunately Grandma thought it was hilarious and cracked up.

Little Miss: (with a quite officious tone of voice) This is a nice park. I can play here.

On Friday, the nice 70 degree day in St Louis, the kids got to walk over to the park near my in-laws’ house and play for awhile. Apparently Little Miss is the arbiter of parks and it wasn’t until she announced this that Mister Man was able to run off and have fun. Any guess who is the boss in this household?

Mister Man: Go back! Go backwards, Mommy! Go back!

On the car ride home last night, I was scrolling through the radio stations to find some music that the kids could listen to, as it was too dark to read their CD books anymore. Some songs I’d heard of and others I hadn’t, but nothing really struck my fancy. Mister Man, on the other hand, apparently had heard a song he had to listen to. What so captivated him? The Beastie Boys’ No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn. And nope, to my knowledge, he’d never heard that song before. Apparently his taste in music comes from his dad.

Little Miss: (this to my mom who lives near us) Grandma, I don’t want you to be sad. Why don’t you come to St Louis with us? It’s ok if you come, too.

Awwww. What a sweetheart! ‘Nuf said!


Julie March 25, 2008 at 10:38 AM  

Ahh...No Sleep Til Brooklyn - I can hear the guitar riffs in my head as I type...LOL

How cute, and what smart little ones you have!

Michelle March 25, 2008 at 9:24 PM  

You say smart, I say devious! But they can be awfully cute. Mister Man was SO into being a helper today -- at the museum, on our bike ride, at dinner... now if I can just bottle this to use when I need it!

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