Thursday, March 13, 2008

Grace, That's Me!

As I was getting up to go to bed last night, I somehow tripped over the Swiss ball that was next to the coffee table. You mght ask why I have a Swiss ball next to my coffee table. Well, I'm in a wedding May 3 for one of my best friends, and we're wearing satin dresses. I think that's all the explanation anyone needs. And yes, I'm currently bouncing on the ball as I type this.

Anyway, the Swiss ball started rolling as I bumped into it. I, saavy being that I am, just continued my forward momentum, with my knee and leg kind of rolling across the top of the ball. That worked great until the ball was stopped by the air blower upper thing I'd used earlier that night to blow up my Swiss ball. I suppose it's time to buy a new ball when I have to blow it back up every second or third day, but that would involve the money and effort of buying a new one. Instead, I repeatedly blow it up. The worst part about this is that the whole incident is now truly my fault, since I was too lazy to put away the blower upper. Ironic isn't it, that I can exercise with the ball and yet not walk the 10 feet to put something away. Shhh, don't tell my husband I said that!

Needless to say, I stopped being able to move as the ball got caught, tried to put my leg back down to catch my balance, instead landed on the computer cord stretched across the space and managed to pull my laptop off the coffee table (including unplugging it from the computer AND middle "ends" and knocking the battery out), my phone onto the floor, the flipper (tv remote control for those not in my family) crashed to the floor and batteries scattered everywhere, and the lamp on the end table crashed to the floor and broke a CFL all over the floor (and I do mean all over -- those things fly in an explosion).


You'd think that yoga would make me a little more graceful. Obviously, there's no hope for me! The good news is that with practice, you do learn how to fall in such situations, and I ended up with no injuries -- not even a bruise.

The last time I did this (ahem, yes, I've done almost exactly the same once before down to unplugging the laptop in two places), I also caught my hip on the coffee table and had a nasty bruise for a couple weeks.

And my big dilemma after all this? What do you do with a CFL that’s already broken and released it’s mercury? Is it still toxic then, or is it ok to throw in the garbage? If I knew where to recycle them – we haven’t had our first one burn out yet – would they take a broken one or refuse it? Would I end up with a broken toxic mercury laden CFL in my house forever simply because no one would be willing to dispose of it for me?

Can someone please reassure me that I'm not the only one with these types of issues?


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