Thursday, July 3, 2008

We're Three For Three!

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Today was the last day of summer school for Mister Man. So sad... no more getting picked up by the bus at 8:30 and being dropped off around noon five days a week. On the plus side, since he still naps (at least some days and needs down time on others), we'll be able to do more playdates with his friends.

Today was a special day at his preschool though. It was the official Fourth of July Parade for them. All the parents are invited to watch them come walk around the outside of the school near the end of the day and then have a picnic and eat popsicles.

As the PTO president for next year (yeah, I'm a sucker), it was my job to get the 150 popsicles to the school before the parade. I busted my rear to ensure they were there since I found out that this was needed on Tuesday and was working on Wednesday in the office.

What's fun about that? Apparently with our massive storms last night (I drove home from work at times going 15-20 mph knowing there was a street in front of me but not always sure where it was), the power to the school went out. Guess what happened to the popsicles that were in her freezer. The school sent someone out this morning to buy more popsicles from Jewel, but I still felt bad that this happened -- and that they didn't call me to help fix it.

On the positive side, the hat decorations they made this year were pretty cool, weren't they?

And yes, Daddy dressed him. That's why he's in his birthday party Thomas shirt instead of something more patriotic. At least it's blue, right? He was so happy to see us along the route. And his USA necklace is now a treasured possession at home. As is his patriotic maraca!

Little Miss really enjoyed her popsicle. Mister Man also had a popsicle, but he ate his so fast that I couldn't even find him to take a picture before it was gone. And yes, she is wearing a sweater on July 3. Granted, it wasn't the warmest day here today, but my mom is a freak. She's always cold, and I have pictures of me as an infant in Hawaii with a hat with earflaps on. And once Little Miss got it on, it was not coming off, much like the raincoat incident from last weekend. Oh yeah, and she got bit by mosquitoes on her eye, back and right arm again earlier this week when Daddy let her play in the backyard late in the day with no bug spray. Poor kid!

Then we got back to normal for us at a preschool type event where children are invited. They ran around and played and had a great old time. Little Miss spent most of her time on the playground equipment. It makes a big circle up high, connected to various apparatus, and she had fun running around and around the circle.

Mister Man spent more of his time on the "big kids" playground, which include this tire swing. He asked the little girl who was playing on it first so very nicely if he could also get on and swing, and she let him. He had a ton of fun going around and around -- probably because he made her do all the work!

It all looks fun, right?

Let me review the history, however.

At Back to School Night for Little Miss's preschool, they had an ice cream social that we all went to. As the kids were running around and playing, I suddenly heard a scream (Daddy was on duty for watching at the moment) and recognized Little Miss's voice.

As I ran over to the girl who never is bothered by falling down and appears to not feel pain frequently, I could see blood streaming down her fact. Not exactly a good sign. Some friends grabbed napkins for me so I could staunch the bleeding and see where it was coming from. We needed an ice pack from the school to finally stop the bleeding. Apparently in all their running, some of the bigger kids had gotten a bit overexuberant and managed to run into her hard enough to split her lip open.

At the next preschool event, Little Miss was running again at the Valentine's Day fundraiser. Actually, all the kids were running; I can't single her out. And again she somehow managed to bite through her lip and bleed all over the place, necessitating an ice pack.

So while I have some lovely pictures of the wee ones playing at the picnic, let me reassure you that there was crying involved.

Right after the picture of Little Miss was taken, she managed to run headfirst into a boy who was running the same circle in the opposite direction. They bounced off each other, and each landed flat on the back. He got up with no problems, but she screamed! Fortunately, there was no blood this time, but she did get a nasty bump and bruise on her nose. Poor girl.

After she was happy again, I put Daddy in charge of her and went off to find Mister Man. He was on the tire swing, which is where that picture was taken. When he decided he was finished, he climbed off the swing backwards. And misjudged the size of the hole under the swing. He fell flat on his back and burst into tears. Sweet, two wee ones crying within a span of three minutes.

As a side note, when a child falls into older mulch, it's VERY dirty. And when they try to crawl into your lap when you comfort them, you the filth is immediately transferred to you. Fortunately, it brushes off fairly well. And yes, he's fine, as well. He ended up with a red mark from the bump on his side but was soon off playing again.

Anyway -- Happy Fourth of July to you all. Here's hoping you have a happy and safe one! And enjoy the parades. I'll share the story of our parade last year one day soon, I promise.


Cookie July 4, 2008 at 12:29 AM  

I think the Thomas shirt is very patriotic!
Happy 4th!

Karen July 4, 2008 at 8:10 AM  

The Little Miss ate a popsicle with a white sweater and is still clean? Tell me your secret, oh wise one!

MaBunny July 4, 2008 at 8:24 AM  

Those are really cute picture Michelle, thanks for sharing those. And yes it seems that with a little fun come the not so fun too. Seems like Nicole is always trying to do something she shouldn't while running, like talking or whatever and she will wind up with cut up knees and such, lol
Happy fourth to you too!

Angie's Spot July 4, 2008 at 8:26 AM  

I'm totally loving Mister Man's hat! His ensemble (with Thomas) is too cute. I'm still laughing about a hat with ear flaps in Hawaii! Looks like, despite the tears, you guys had lots of fun. Happy 4th!

Angela July 4, 2008 at 8:57 AM  

Yay! I'm first, hee hee!

Great pics! I like the one with Little Miss and her popsicle, presumably before it melted all over that beautiful white sweater :-) Better grab that stain stick again, LOL! (Or the raincoat). Looks like a great time was had by all, even with minor injuries. You guys have a great fourth!

Michelle July 4, 2008 at 11:10 PM  

Cookie - Glad you like the shirt. I'll admit that it IS blue, but ... just about birthday parties. He was happy though!

Karen - I didn't claim that the sweater was still clean. Nuh-uh! In fact, I warned my mom of the danger and she decided that she'd simply take it home afterwards and wash it for ... today. And yes, she really did.

MaBunny - Thanks! I thought they were cute, too :) Kids are always getting injured, I know. And poor Little Miss has a massive bruise on the right side of her face by her nose from where she went nose to head with that other boy. oops.

Angie - I loved his hat, too. He made it himself and was so proud of it. He wanted to wear it to the BIG parade today, but ... he showed up without it (I was in charge of arriving first to set up spots). I will someday have to find the picture of the hat in my mom's photo albums and scan it. So so sad!

Angela - I hate to disappoint you, but not first today. But definitely appreciated, of course! My mom took care of the stain stick fortunately. And today at brunch (same restaurant), she had the Fruity Pebbles pancakes, which were MUCH less messy.

And a Happy Fourth to all of you, as well!

Debbie July 5, 2008 at 6:24 AM  

I love Daddy in charge and Daddy "dressed the kids this morning" stories, because they are all the same and they are all REALLY REALLY funny.

anymommy July 5, 2008 at 12:18 PM  

Those hats are priceless. Glad that you all survived. What's a holiday without a little blood and filth, right?

Michelle July 5, 2008 at 10:31 PM  

Debbie - I think you're onto something with them all being funny. I may have to make a note to myself to tell the one about my husband dressing Mister Man for a birthday party one year....

Anymommy - I loved the hats, too. I was really bummed when Mister Man showed up at the parade yesterday NOT wearing that one (but wearing a patriotic visor at least). Really, what other opportunities will he have to wear it? :)

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