Monday, July 28, 2008

Luddite or Cheap, Take Your Pick

I like technology. I've just never been an early adopter.

I was one of the last people I knew who got a cell phone. Ironically, I haven't had a landline in three years. The only reason I have a computer at home is because my husband bought me one (actually two in the last six years). I have purchased only one tv ever, and that was a flat screen my husband made me (ok us) buy almost two years ago. The Tivo I have is a Christmas present from I think five years ago. It doesn't record in digital, and you can't watch another channel when recording something. My iPod was a Christmas gift from my husband and is a first generation one from years ago.

I do realize that many of the technology items I have -- including my cell phone -- have newer siblings that have cooler features. I even covet some of those features, including the new Tivo type ones. But I can't bring myself to upgrade when my current versions work perfectly fine. You know the saying... if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

I'm starting to have a problem with my iPod, however. I've used it for years to listen to music when traveling for work or hanging out at home when I need to be quiet due to the wee ones napping or while working in the office. It's always done what I need it to do, and that's all good.

This spring, I started running. I found a running program that would get me from HA! to actually running 5K (my goal) in nine weeks -- you'll notice that I didn't say nine easy weeks. It involved running increasing distances in shorter intervals. You had your choice of running a distance or for a length of time. Considering I was running in my neighborhood, time was the only real choice. But looking at a watch every five seconds to see if I was done didn't seem very productive to me.

I put off starting the program until I discovered that some brilliant person had created podcasts that told you what to do when and played music during your runs. Problem solved, and I quickly started my program. (Quickly being when I started doing it, not how fast I was running of course.)

About week 3, I noticed that my iPod would freeze in the middle of the podcast once or twice and then keep going after twenty to thirty seconds. I tried redownloading the podcasts, but that didn't help. Then the podcast started freezing with a few minutes left in my run. I'd guess at how much time I had left to run, but that was just not good.

In my research, I discovered how to reset the iPod because it got to the point where my iPod wouldn't turn off or anything -- for reference, turn the lock switch on then off, then hold down the up part of the wheel until it turns off. I can now do this without looking at my iPod while running at 6mph.

That's a skill I could do without.

I'm slowly beginning to realize that my iPod will need to be replaced. But when listening to music, it works fine. It's only those longer podcasts that cause the problem. And I will say that the people I hear about downloading their favorite tv shows and watching them whenever they have spare time or oh I don't know while running on a treadmill make me a bit jealous.

But much like my car (which also needs replacing), it's hard for me to just toss off something that's been with me a long time. I'm loyal that way -- to friends, to work, to my family -- and that's not a bad thing.

Then people go and throw this new technology in my face and make me drool. The SITS girls are giving away a new 4G iPod Nano in silver. Yep, it's that latest and greatest thing, and now I want one. I was doing ok until I actually saw the picture of it. Until I read the 4 hours of video and 1,000 songs, not to mention the 3,500 pictures. Until I realized that the battery on my iPod was again dead even though I charged it two days ago.

Maybe I'll slip a hint to my husband that I want a new one for my birthday. Of course, well before then I'm pretty sure that I'll have given up on Mr. Freezy and will be listening to the random music and commercials and "Will Liz Thomas please report to the childcare center. Liz Thomas, thank you" that feeds throughout the health club where I run.

Or a girl could always dream and actually win the iPod from the SITS girls....


Kellan July 29, 2008 at 12:25 AM  

You are not living under as big a rock as I am - I don't even have an IPOD and I am always way behind getting any new gadget!

Have a good Tuesday - Kellan

Irene July 29, 2008 at 7:32 AM  

Good for you on the running program!!!!

I am so behind technologically....but that is more due to our continued attempts to save money rather than not embracing new technology. We have a land line - a desktop computer - a pay as you go cell phone that costs us all of five bucks a month - and a DVD recorder. Yes, we live in the dark ages!

Angie's Spot July 29, 2008 at 8:30 AM  

You poor thing! You totally deserve that iPod and I hope you win it. I've got a 30GB video ipod that got for xmas 2 years ago from my parents and that thing is going to the grave with me. I LOVE IT!

And you must send me the link to your 5k in 9 weeks program. As long as I'm torturing myself with pushups, I might as well add in long distance running for more fun!

Michelle July 29, 2008 at 10:18 PM  

Kellan - I feel better knowing that you don't have an iPod. But it's one of those things that's fine when you don't have one, but then once you get used to it....

Irene - Thanks! I get the saving money part. I wouldn't have a computer or Internet access if it were up to me. I'd just access from work. And the cell IS our landline, so it's not as bad... The dark ages isn't a bad place to be. Although your camera is pretty new-fangled. It definitely beats mine!

Angie - Thank you for the sympathy! I'm glad someone feels that way. Even though yours would still be better. The C25K program you can find at The podcasts I get from is from The program totally works (coming from someone who hated week 1). Let me know if you start!

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