Sunday, July 20, 2008

Say What?

Some of my favorite recurring posts to read are the ones showing how people found various sites. Stat Counter is a great tool. It not only tells me how many people visited my site (100 did for the first time ever yesterday, and I'm still beaming) and where they came from, but also how they got here. Some of the searches make perfect sense based on posts I've put up, but some just crack me up. Or confuse me. Or both.

My all time personal favorite though was "goddess." How that knew to go straight to my blog, I'll never know. But I'll take it!

Other recent favorites:

i found love never even crossed my mind

Apparently, the old adage is true that you'll find love when you're least expecting it. But I didn't think that my blog would be the conduit. Or maybe I'm interpreting that search incorrectly. Maybe that person doesn't love whoever loves them. But unfortunately, I don't see how my blog fits in there.

should i stay with a man i don't truly love but is good to me?

Oooo, now this is a potential post all on its own. I know several people, including some close friends who have settled. They really wanted to be married and some to have a family and so married someone that they know isn't a soulmate but is "good enough." I always felt bad for both parties in that arrangement. When you're in love with someone, you want that person to be in love with you and not in the relationship because they feel you're suitable. I actually broke up with someone a couple years out of college who worshipped the ground I walked on but who I knew wasn't right for me. He was crushed, but I honestly believe it was the right thing for both of us. I want any relationship I'm in to be equitable. I just hope whoever searched for this finds happiness. I promise, the rest will be less maudlin!

i truly hate my life sometimes
Now really. How do you get to my blog from this one? Have I really been that painful to read? Do I sound like I hate my life? I'm guessing that maybe this is the other person in the relationship who can't decide whether to stay or go.

redecorating the attic

Interesting concept. Of course, considering that I've never decorated an attic to begin with (unless you count the mouse droppings from the invaders we had last fall), I'm not sure that I can help this person.

my throat only whisper

Mine doesn't. Mine frequently gets much louder than that. I'm usually pretty good about not yelling at the wee ones, but I suppose it does happen.

ladys lost underpants

While I do frequently lose things. And apparently sometimes I find them, that doesn't mean that if you've lost your underwear you're going to find it on my blog. I do really wonder what the purpose of this person's search was. Did they think that there might be a site where people find underwear, then post about it so you can claim it later? Freaky thought, really.

repair jeans rivet

I think this is one of my favorite searches. It proves to me that I'm not the only person cheap enough to not just toss a pair of jeans because the rivet broke. Of course, most people probably don't try to use Gorrilla Glue to fix them.

michelle what am i supposed to do - listen

I can't tell if this person is asking my advice -- ahh, someone after my own heart -- or trying to order me around. I am pretty good at offering unsolicited advice though.

preschool whinging

Oh yeah... you can get your fill of that here. I still haven't posted my biggest vent on last year's preschool teacher. And I think I'm over it enough that I won't have to. I have to admit that's probably the only person I've heard of who purposely goes out searching for other people's whinging.

lost my phone dumpster

Now that just sucks. I really feel for this person. And I think the only two options are a) dumpster diving and b) buying a new phone. Although now that I think about it, if my phone landed in a dumpster, I don't think I could put it next to my head after that. Really, buying a new phone is the only option. Yuck!

how can i get someone to take my kids to disney?

Uhhh, if you're paying, I'll do it!

preschool piano music beer barrel polka

All I have to say is please. PLEASE don't do that to your poor child. Really, the beer barrel polka? On the piano? For a preschooler's innocent and impressionable young ears? Even if I could help with this one, I think I'd refuse on principle alone!

Michele and princess of the potty

Oh my. Now I know I was happy with the goddess title, and generally I'd like to be a princess... but I think I may have to turn this one down.

Unnaturally large bladder

Yeah. This one is really quite self explanatory, I suppose.

Car bladder bathroom

I assume this follows from the above, but ... what exactly do you suppose this person was trying to find?

no voice only whisper

I've been there, and it's not fun. Trying the tea and honey thing.

Not a morning person bunny

Me neither, sweetie

how many ounces in a typical state fair serving of cheese curds

Dude, I so don't want to know the answer to this. If I know how many ounces, then I'll want to know the fat and calorie content and then I'll never eat them again. And I love my cheese curds. Just once a year, but I love 'em!

pee large bladder -porn

I'm trying to decide if this means that my site is considered porn or if searching for pee and bladders brings up a lot of porn sites. If it's the latter, I'm so totally disgusted and don't even know what to say.

green banana hole

I've got nothing. No idea what this person was looking for, but I can guarantee he didn't find it here. Ok, I hope he didn't find it here.


Great. Just what I want associated with me. When depressed, I'm your woman?

fingers twinkle fingers close

Oddly, two people searched this one. I feel like I'm reading a baby book. Fingers twinkle (not mine, but hey -- it's a baby book), fingers close. Eyes twinkle, eyes close. Mouth twinkles, mouth closes. I'm so glad we're done with the baby book phase.

i am pregnant look pictures

Ummm, not that I'm really into pregnant pictures, if you know what I mean, but searching for it won't help me find you. Congrats on the pregnancy and please let me never have to post pictures of a pregnant me.

Here's hoping you found me by a more ummmm normal route!


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