Monday, May 16, 2011

Little Miss Is Ummmm Growing Up?

We all know that our babies won't stay babies forever, much as we sometimes wish they would. Even our toddlers magically turn into big kids one day when we blink and those adorable little traits have been replaced by just as adorable but oh so different big kid stuff.

As they grow, we start to fear new things. It isn't about choking on grapes anymore or falling down the stairs - in general! - but now we worry about bullying at school, about sports and all sorts of peer pressure. In our heads, we have an idea of when some of these issues "should" rear their ugly heads. Granted, some take us by surprise, but for the most part we are at least aware of many of them.

Then there are those that jump up years before we think we have to worry about them. And those are the ones that probably freak us out the most. Read more about my new worry on The Chicago Moms here.

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