Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It’s “Summer” In Chicago

So you know what I’ve been doing so far today?  I mean besides doing three loads of laundry that needs to be complete before I leave for Type A tomorrow (yes, it’s a #TypeAConFail).  And getting the kids up and dressed and off to summer school.  And emptying the dishwasher.  And hanging up laundry, which means trying to find hangars.  How in the world do the wee ones have more clothes than hangars – when I still have at least another load of clothes to do?  I went hunting in their closets, which turned up most of what I needed.  The last five I found?  Sitting on the bathroom floor, of course.  Isn’t that where you store your hangars?
While I was in the midst of the hangar search, I finally changed out the wee ones summer clothes with their winter clothes.  Because, you know, we’re on Wednesday of Week Two of Summer School.  And summer does officially start later this afternoon.  This is actually the not the first time I switched out their closets for summer this year.

I should know better.  We live in Chicago, so those 85 degree days we had in mid March the week before spring break?  Of course it was just teasing and spring break was spent in jackets and coats and definitely long sleeves.  When it got warm again near the end of May?  Well, yeah… that was a tease, too.  Do you see what the thermometer told me on May 31?  May 31, people!

That was at five in the afternoon. It’s not like this was the low temperature for the day. In fact, the gauge gives the high and low over a twelve hour period or so, and the highest it got that day was not even 49 degrees. On the last day of May. Hold me.

Every time I’ve switched out their summer clothes for their winter clothes, it’s gotten freezing again.  I hope it does this time actually because the 95 degree heat with the 95 percent humidity is killing me.  Literally.  And our grass, too.  It stopped growing weeks ago and is August brown.  Thank goodness for our pool pass, because that’s where I’m headed once I pick up the wee ones.  Now that I’ve finished with the Hangar Hunt take 234,642.

Am I the only one who loses hangars like this?


Sandra June 20, 2012 at 10:46 PM  

I remember that. On June 1st, my FB update went something like this: 'It's June 1st, and I'm wearing my UGG slippers, just so they can match the sweater I'm wearing'. CRAZY weather we have here!

As for hangars, my kiddos don't use them. We still put everything (well, almost) in drawers. I was just thinking the other day that it's probably time to get some new hangars for them. And then again, maybe not.

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